Protect Ed.

Protect Ed.

    KG Primary

Protect Ed™ is a multi-grade, multi- subject, flexible programthat addresses the most critical issues in child safety today. For more than a decade, Kidproof has worked tirelessly in our quest to increase safety awareness and protect children on a global scale.

We believe that there is nothing as precious as a child, and that we must continue to focus on preventative education to impact lifelong changes.

It takes a community to truly keep children safe, which is why we focus on engaging and educating every stakeholder in a child’s life, including the parents, the educators and the kids themselves. This will help ensure that key messages are consistently reinforced throughout their lives.

Safety education is more than just teaching how to make safe choices: when children feel safe, they are better able to learn, become open to new ideas, and can excel both socially, spiritually and financially towards their future success.

We take teaching safety seriously and are proud to have earned your trust. To that end, we promise to endeavor to provide the children, parents, and educators across the globe with world-class education that will help raise safe and healthy children of the future.

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